Mekong Learning Initiative

The MSSRC is a partner in the Mekong Learning Initiative (MLI) a collaboration between nine universities in five countries of the Mekong Basin to develop and share relevant curriculum materials in order to support teaching on natural resource management, the environment and rural social issues. The initiative addresses the current lack of interaction between lecturers and students in the six countries of the Mekong, and the relatively little use of each other's materials, knowledge and expertise, despite the transboundary implications of current developments in the region and the potential for comparative and collaborative work . Fostering a sense of  Mekong citizenship  and an  ethics of care  among future decision-makers will also help spur the emergence of a  regional civil society , presently limited by the continued fragmentation of the regional intelligentsia. Detailed information can be found at the MLI website-

Yunnan University ( China )

National University of Laos (Lao PDR)

Chiang Mai University ( Thailand )

Khon Kaen University ( Thailand )

Ubon Ratchathani University ( Thailand )

Royal University of Phnom Penh ( Cambodia )

Can Tho University ( Vietnam )

Tay Nguyen University ( Vietnam )


To support individuals in higher education institutions in the Mekong Region to produce curriculum material that develops knowledge, skills and awareness in the Mekong Basin context. This material will take the form of lecture notes, readings, CD-ROMs, DVDs, video, e-learning, or other modular packages, and will be made available to institutions across the Mekong Region. This will include converting existing case studies and research results into materials that can be used for teaching.

To encourage and develop field-based approaches to teaching and learning and facilitate cross-institutional and cross-regional exchanges.

To initiate networking in the Mekong Region among academic institutions and regional NGOs and develop links between existing research output and materials available to students.


To read a detailed report about the MLI please click here for the PDF file.